Rania Hadjisavva

Post Doctoral Fellow

Rania obtained a bachelors degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Cyprus in 2016, from which she also acquired her MSc in Biomediacal Sciences with First class honours in 2018. Rania has joined the Skourides Lab since 2015, in which she completed both her undergraduate thesis while working on spindle orientation, and her MSc thesis while focusing on the subject of Adherens Junction turnover, along with the establishment of novel micro-patterning techniques. Her master’s project was ranked 1st with the first RPF award «ΦΟΙΤΩ 2018 – Φοιτητές στην έρευνα». Currently, as a PhD candidate, in continuation of her master studies, Rania’s research focus is to uncover the mechanism behind Focal Adhesion and Adherens Junction interplay.