Adonis Hadjigeorgiou

PhD student

Mr. Hadjigeorgiou Adonis graduated with the highest honor from Lancaster University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. During his undergraduate studies, as part of his desertion project, he worked with Dr. Nikki A. Copeland for the generation of a CDK sensor by using the double helicase B gene and also was a part of the team which observed the structural and protein expression differences caused by the HRas G12V in different cell lines. In 2018, he finished his MSc in Biomedicine, at the same university, with distinction grades, where he was involved in the development and evaluation of a novel mouse model of schizophrenia based on the glutamate NMDA receptor hypothesis. Currently, Mr. Hadjigeorgiou is a Ph.D. candidate with a full scholarship from the University of Cyprus at Dr. Paris A. Skouridis laboratory, where he is responsible for the development and the characterization of the novel invasion in-house-build device, which is funded by the Cyprus seeds program, as he has previous experience in cancer biology, microbiology culture of cancer cell lines, neuroscience, animal handling, and animal model development.